Sidewalk Displays

Bottle Neck Hangers powered by The MRL Group produces high quality custom sidewalk displays or A-frames to meet any client specification.Sidewalk displays, A-frames and chalkboards can be produced in any shape or size, come in a variety of materials and can be custom dyed in any color. Sidewalk displays and A-frames are a great way to grasp the attention of passerby customers. These promotional items can be the deciding factor of whether a potential customer will enter your establishment. Chalkboards are also a great way to directly communicate with customers. Chalkboards are a reusable item that can be modified to fit your brand year-round. They can be made into wall signs, A-frame sidewalk displays, and more. Whether you are promoting a sale, new item or simply welcoming guests, sidewalk displays, chalkboard and A-Frames are a great way to draw the public in. Get the highest quality all at an affordable rate with Bottle Neck Hangers powered by The MRL Group.

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